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Trailer/Container Tracking Devices

Retrack offers the versatility and protection with our magnetic GPS trackers. Be it you want to protect your tradie trailer, motorbike trailer, business container or even work machinery the retrack magnetic GPS trackers have you covered.

The versatility of these devices is endless, if it is made of steel you can attach the RETK20 tracker and track it. There are currently two main models, RETK20 a battery only GPS, and the RETK20S, with a built-in solar panel this device is self-charging.

With a motion sensor built in and the “device removal” switch built into the base of the device, you can feel secure in knowing if your trailer, container, or machinery goes walkabout you’ll know exactly where it went and where it is.

On the job site or on holidays, you’ll get notifications if your equipment moves. Trailer goes missing, you have the RETRACK mobile app on your phone to track it. In addition to having the security in knowing your trailer, container, or vehicle is protected, some insurance companies will actually give you a discount on your premiums, just ask them.

Further details in store

Here at Retrack we take pride in our products and services. This is why all GPS hardware is extensively tested here in Australia through all weather conditions and possible usage scenarios.

We have a few rules that we apply when rating new hardware;


IP67 Rated

Is the device IP67 rated, waterproof and dust proof?


Build Quality

Is the hardware & tech build of the device of quality and withstand its designed use?


Usage & Functionality

Is the device configurable and functional? Is the device something that I would use?


Reasonable Price

Can I provide this to my clients at a reasonable price?