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RETK20-GSE 3G Magnetic GPS Tracker

$235.00 inc GST

TK20GSE 3G WCDMA Magnetic Tracker Use for Trailer, Container, Car, GPS tracker waterproof IP67 long battery life 20000mAH battery

GPS Details

·         Magnet waterproof design;
·         Built in 20000mAh full capacity high quality rechargeable battery
·         The battery can be replaced.
·         Built in drop sensor, anti-theft switch
·         Supports 3G network: WCDMA supports HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM/UMT


·         20000mAh removable rechargeable Lithium battery
·         GPS+GSM positioning with RETRACK map tracking
·         Drop-trigger alarm and SOS alarm build-in
·         Weather-Proof design with strong built-in magnets
·         Web/App based GPS tracking platform and public hardware communication protocol


·         Size:160*64*49 (mm)
·         Weight: 581g
·         GPRS: MTK 6260A
·         Quad band; WCDMA supports HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM
·         UMTS 850/900/1900/ 2100 MHz, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
·         Antennae: Internal, GPRS Class 12
·         Power: Rechargeable, 20000mAh, Lithium-Polymer Battery
·         Built-in Vibration/motion sensing
·         GPS: High sensitivity GPS chips
·         Antennae: Internal
·         Position Accuracy: <5m
·         Sensitivity: Tracking: (R)C161 dB, Cold starts: (R)C148 dB, Hotstarts: (R)C156 dB
·         Cold start:<27s, Warm Start: <5s, Hot Start: 1s


The above details as depicted will vary depending on the settings requested or required per client

Data Logger: No Data Lost — Install SD card for Offline Data Logger Function (when not in mobile range)

·         Can work as a normal tracker.

·         Can work as a data logger. If you insert SD card, and enable then all logged data will save onto the SD card and won’t upload to server.

·         When the device comes back, you can decode all data by connecting to the Retrack server and replay the historical route and reports on your PC.

·         No data lost. If you insert both SD and SIM card, the device will keep all the data on the SD card.

·         If you lose GSM connection, then the GPS will automatically upload the data to our server when the signal is reinitiated.

Weight .528 kg
Dimensions 153 × 58 × 45 cm

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