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Personal-SOS-Medical GPS Tracking

All Retracks devices are pre-configured unless requested with OEM settings. All devices come with a prepaid SIM card based on the Telstra network ready for you to register and add credit, (SIM cards have a $5 credit at time of purchase, additional credit will be required). Configuration of the devices is pre set for optimal tracking and SIM data usage, these settings can be changed by the client or upon request by Retrack.

Retracks SOS Personal GPS devices are small and lightweight yet robust in its features and configurability, from months of testing we found that these devices generally are accurate to within 2-3 metres.

Additional functionality includes: Geo-fencing, voice functionality, Built-in G-sensor, Vibration, falling alarm, .
Further details in store

Here at Retrack we take pride in our products and services. This is why all GPS hardware is extensively tested here in Australia through all weather conditions and possible usage scenarios.

Our products are feature rich and easy to use;


Fall Down Alarm

Emergency Auto Call to a phone number in the event of a detected fall


Call Function

The device supports 2 way call function. You can call the device and speak with the person or they can call you


Emergency calls

The device will automatically answer your calls this allows for voice/sound monitoring in case of an emergency.



Through the Monitoring Software you can receive SMS or email alerts if the person goes outside of the specific area you have set