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General Questions

Will I have to configure my GPS unit?


All GPS Tracking devices from RETRACK are fully configured for optimal tracking on our software, unless otherwise requested.

You can however change these settings yourself. In the event that you miss configure the device RETRACK can assist reconfiguring the GPS for you again, this would however incur an additional reconfiguration service fee.

Will I need to purchase a sim card for my GPS?


All GPS devices come with a prepaid SIM card and $5 credit, that will require activation.

That being said If you have a spare Telstra SIM or Telstra Network SIM then you can choose to use it instead and save yourself $5 by adding a “Bring Your Own Sim” product prior to checkout.

This reduces the overall cost of your purchase and Retrack will not send you a SIM card with your purchase.

NOTE: Retrack recommends SIM cards to be a Telstra or Telstra Network SIM card for best coverage results.

Retrack cannot guarantee the quality of service from a different selected mobile network provider and takes no responsibility for service quality issues. Additionally, the APN (Access Point Name) on the GPS device will need to be reconfigured for your mobile network provider.

What is the coverage of Retracks GPS devices?

Retrack GPS trackers have worldwide coverage. Outside of Australia however you will require a SIM card that has international coverage, or you can use a SIM card from the country you wish to use your GPS in.

NOTE: An APN Command setting will be required if different SIM card is used.

Does Retrack offer warranty on its services and products?


All Retracks products have a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase if the product is found to be faulty RETRACK will replace the device and cover the postage, If the product is not found faulty the user will be charged for the postage, and a service fee.

Is my GPS water and dust proof?


All Retrack products are IP67, waterproof and dustproof unless otherwise specified. Due to the nature and environmental requirements of a GPS tracker for vehicles and personal use, Retracks first priority in product consideration is making sure that it is IP67.

Does Retrack have a mobile App?


Retrack offers a mobile app for both Android and IOS users.

As part of your subscription base these can be downloaded from the Apple store and Google store simply search for RETRACK GPS.

These mobile apps offer full functionality of your device with live mapping and the ability to change your device settings on the go.

The Android and IOS apps are free of charge with a RETRACK tracking Subscription. To login use your web-based login details provided to you by RETRACK.

Will my GPS flatten my vehicles battery?


If Installed by Retrack or as per recommended by Retrack and installed on an accessory circuit of the vehicle.

The GPS device will only draw power from the vehicle whilst the ignition is on. This in turn powers the GPS and charges the internal battery.

When the vehicle is turned off the Internal battery allows for motion and Tow alerts, exits from Geofence perimeters, changes in the angel of the vehicle, (like when being towed or put on a trailer) and manual status reports.

Do you provide a demo subscription?


A demo or free trial is available for a maximum of 2 weeks upon request this does not include hardware, however you can purchase hardware through the online store.

If you have your own hardware and wish to trial it using Retracks software then please contact Retrack on for your free trial period.

Can I bring my own hardware and utilise Retracks tracking software?


Retrack welcomes the use of your own hardware.

However, server IP configuration, APN configuration and port settings will require changing to connect to Retracks GPS tracking server. Retacks software is compatible with almost all GPS devices.

Product Questions

What do I need and how can I access my GPS tracking software?

This will depend on your requirements.

You will need your GPS tracking device, either purchased from our online store or one you have brought along.

If you purchased from Retrack then you will have a SIM card already, unless you chose to bring your own.

You will need a SIM card for your device, activated and with credit.

Your login details to access your tracking software account via the web here;

If using the mobile app go to the above link to download the Android or IOS app and login to the app using the same tracking software account details provided to you by retrack.

How many Vehicles or Assets can I track?

There are no restrictions to the number of Vehicle or Assets that can be monitored as a customer of RETRACK.

RETRACK software can run up to 1000 Devices per Server instance, once capacity is reached then a new server is run up to continue client services.

Can I have multiple user access to my software?


As a personal or business customer RETRACK offers the ability to configure multiple user access for you and your team to monitor, audit and manage your personal/fleet vehicles and assets.

Additionally, we can configure a Demo account to allow you to show your tracked vehicles and assets outside of your business and without the threat of having your configuration changed.

What Maps are available with the RETRACK software?

Google Maps.

Google Maps are the main basis for the tracking software, however within your login you have the option to change the maps to the following; Google Open street map, Hybrid maps, Satellite only, Google Terrain, Map Tiler streets, and Map Tiler Satellite.

Alerts and Warnings?

Alerts and Warning.

Alerts and Warning can be configured via the GPS device or software via SMS or email to multiple mobile numbers or Email addresses. This could be to the driver, to the office or to your personal mobile, this will dependant on your requirements.



Geofencing is literally that a geographical area marked out on your tracking software within your account, this could be home, the office or the business work yard.

Creating a Geofence allows you to be notified via mobile or email when a vehicle or asset moves outside of this fence, and when it re-enters the fence if required.

Monitor when your personal vehicles come and go, maintain fleet or business reporting for your truck’s vans or machinery.

Create franchise business work perimeters.

How accurate are the GPS Devices?

GPS Accuracy.

Generally, within 3-5 meters.

As with most GPS devices they rely on Satellite signal to pinpoint the location of the device. most modern GPS device can also use LBS (Local Based Services, or cell towers) when the Satellite signal is week or not present, this however is generally not as accurate.

Atmospheric conditions affect GPS signals, so depending on the conditions this can affect the accuracy of the device. Additionally, the install location of the device on a given vehicle can also affect the devices ability to get an accurate location.

Can I access past tracking data?


With your tracking software account login, you can access live, recent and passed data.

Using “Follow View” you can live track any of your vehicles/assets or machinery that your account has access to.

The “Follow View” allows you to see the current location of any of your devices/vehicles. The history options allow you to view your tracking data from the last hour, today and yesterday.

Within the history tab for your device/vehicle, you can select live view playback dates up to 30 Days and view its live routes via the web interface. The tracking server logs allow you to download device/vehicle routes up to 365 days.

What is involved in maintaining the GPS devices?

Very little.

This will depend on the Model of GPS you have purchased. If the GPS is wired into your vehicle or machinery there is nothing that requires maintenance with the GPS unit. There will of cause be the maintaining of the SIM card credit or active account, to allow the GPS data to be transmitted to RETRACKs servers.

If you have purchased a mobile Magnetic GPS then you will need to make sure that it has charge in its battery, unless you have a model with a built-in solar charger.

Installation Questions

How do I install my GPS?

Retrack offers an Install service if you require it, however this service is additional to the cost of the GPS.

Alternatively, Retrack can offer guidance and documentation for a DIY install of your product, or you can hire a third party to install the GPS for you.

How long does it take to install a GPS?

Install Time.

Depending on the vehicle or machinery the install time will vary. As a general rule it will take about an hour for a wired in (with relay) Installation.

For Motorcycles depending on the install required (i.e. remote disable install or not), this can take 30 minutes to an hour.

For larger machinery and equipment, I would allow 2 hours, again this will vary on the installation requirements and the machinery, as the wiring looms will be different for most machinery.

Note: Installation of wired in GPS units is an additional cost.

Is it difficult to install the GPS?


If you’re a DIY’er and happy to Install the GPS unit on yourself, not a problem.

Retrack is happy to assist with documentation (relay diagram), recommended positioning and phone support.

It is recommended that you have some knowledge of automotive or electrical fundamentals, as incorrect installation can cause damage to your vehicle or affect your warranty.

How do I use the remote disable feature?

Remotely disable your vehicle.

Once the GPS is installed with the relay, it is as simple as sending your GPS an SMS message and this will disable the vehicle your unit was installed in.

The Remote disable feature is GPS model specific, and requires the installation of a relay (available in store) in line with the GPS unit and the vehicle or machinery you are installing it into.

There are several options depending on the Vehicle that the GPS is installed into regarding the relay location, (where to wire it in).

Retrack is happy to assist with documentation and phone support.

Can I track my business work Vehicles?


However, there are Government regulations per state in relation to the use of tracking devices on employee used company vehicles.

As a general rule below is what you need to cover;

WORKPLACE SURVEILLANCE ACT 2005 – As at 1 July 2017 – Act 47 of 2005

To be compliant with the Act, surveillance via GPS tracking must not commence without prior notice (in writing) to each of the affected employees.

The notice must be given at least 14 days before the surveillance commences (unless an employee agrees to a lesser period of notice), or before an affected employee commences employment with you. Submitting the notice via email is considered a valid form of communication.

The notice must indicate:

(a) the kind of surveillance to be carried out (GPS for tracking purposes), and
(b) how the surveillance will be carried out (via the installation of a GPS tracking device), and
(c) when the surveillance will start, and
(d) whether the surveillance will be continuous or intermittent, and
(e) whether the surveillance will be for a specified limited period or ongoing.

Furthermore, there must be a notice, clearly visible on the vehicle, indicating that the vehicle is currently the subject of GPS surveillance (this could be a sticker).

Purchase Questions

Payment Methods?

Payment online is currently via Paypal or Credit Card.

Payments at show’s and display booths is via Debit Card or Credit Card.

Payments for orders via Email, Retrack is happy to receive payment via Direct Deposit and PayPal.

How long is delivery of my purchase?


Delivery is generally sent the next business working day and will vary depending on your location and the posting services availability.

All deliveries have a tracking numbers and is forwarded to you.

Questions Asked by "You"

Coupons and Discounts?

Coupons: Coupons and specials are available, when distributed by Retrack, these can be applied in the Shopping cart prior to completion of purchase.

Discounts: Discounts and sale prices are already applied within the store when discount is available, this can be seen via the “Sale” tag on the specific item, when made available by Retrack.

How to Purchase?

Purchases can be made via the online store of this website.

Alternatively you can send Retrack an email to with the details of what you wish to purchase and we can create an order this way for you.

Note: Delivery of goods will not be  finalised until payment is received in full.

Not finding the help you need?

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