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Car/Motorcycle Tracking Devices

All Retracks devices are pre-configured unless requested with OEM settings. All devices come with a pre-pay SIM card based on the Telstra network ready for you to register and add credit, (SIM cards have a $5 credit at time of purchase, additional credit will be required). Configuration of the devices is pre-set for optimal tracking and SIM data usage, these settings can be changed by the client or upon request by Retrack.

Retracks Car/Motorcycle GPS devices are small and lightweight yet robust in its features and configuration, from months of testing we found that these devices generally are accurate to within 2-3 meters.
With the added option to connect these devices to your vehicles ignition system via a relay (available in store via the accessories section) this functionality allows you to remotely disable the vehicle, and stop the thief’s in their tracks (NOTE: This will only disable the vehicle once speed is under 20Km/h or when stopped).

Additional functionality includes: Geo-fencing, voice functionality via VoLTE, Built-in G-sensor, Vibration, collision and falling alarm, Extend I/O port to add extension function such as Temperature sensors and Humidity sensors, and many more.
Further details are available via the GPS data sheet.

Here at Retrack we take pride in our products and services. This is why all GPS hardware is extensively tested here in Australia through all weather conditions and possible usage scenarios.

We have a few rules that we apply when rating new hardware;


IP67 Rated

Is the device IP67 rated, waterproof and dust proof?


Build Quality

Is the hardware & tech build of the device of quality and withstand its designed use?


Usage & Functionality

Is the device configurable and functional? Is the device something that I would use?


Reasonable Price

Can I provide this to my clients at a reasonable price?